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Vouette et Sorbee

Peter Liem: The champagnes of Vouette et Sorbée are uncompromisingly original, possessing deep, vinous aromas and assertive personalities. These are wines before they are champagnes, and their intensity of character makes them more suitable to contemplative drinking or to accompanying food than to casual sipping. They are clearly the products of a natural philosophy of viticulture, with all that that implies in the French wine world, and while this may put some tasters off, those wine aficionados who enjoy the wines of other natural growers in France such as Emmanuel Houillon, Marcel Lapierre or Claude Courtois will find an affinity here. These are not champagnes that will please everyone, but there is not enough quantity to go around anyway, and those of us who do appreciate Gautherot’s wines will seek them out wherever and whenever possible.

Facts: R.M., 5 ha., 30.000 Fl./Jahr, Aube / Buxières

Bio Certification: SARL Bertrand Gautherot - Kontrollnummer: 10/140320/742547 - FR-BiO-01