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ATTENTION: Since 2024, Benoit Marguet's champagnes have only been available on request at the winemaker's request. All cuvées listed that are not marked with a “sold out” flag are available, but in limited quantities.

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Champagne as the maximum expression of the soil and its inherent and surrounding energies and naturalness, prepared with minimal intervention. It is more of an accompaniment than a preparation that defines Benoîts Marguet's work.
According to the spiritually-minded winemaker, who is the fifth generation to run the family winery, this is only possible through the consistent use of biodynamic methods - and is clear from the naming of his two signature champagnes, Shaman and Yuman.
Plots are located in both the Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Blancs, giving Marguet the opportunity to exploit the full potential of the grape varieties.
The champagnes are completely independent, unmistakable and expressive in their concise yet subtle aroma. Finely woven, inspiring, vital, charismatic. They do not contain any dosage and are focused on structure and inner structure, regardless of whether you try the two individual vineyards, the village cuvées or the entry-level champagnes already mentioned.
Horses are used to till the soil in order to avoid compaction, to emphasize traditional craftsmanship and to enable energetic influence. Pure yeasts are avoided as much as possible, and the use of sulfur is reduced to a minimum or, if the vintage permits, avoided entirely. In order to only use natural materials when developing the base wines, this takes place exclusively in wooden barrels of different sizes. For Benoît, these (non-)measures are essential to preserve liveliness in the later wine and to achieve the highest, unadulterated quality. A man of conviction, visionary and experienced winemaker, a role model for many colleagues and, despite only owning 10 hectares of vineyards (some of the yield is still sold to Krug), a much-discussed figure when it comes to stylistic and agricultural change in Champagne.

Facts: N.M., Ambonnay, Montagne de Reims, 10 ha, 95.000 Flaschen, 58% Pinot Noir, 42% Chardonnay

Bio Zertfizierung:  FR-BIO-01