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Book Spüre meinen Zorn from Georg Brun


Content: 1 Stück
Product number: SW18844
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Torn to pieces by numerous stab wounds and soaked in blood: this is how the police find a man who has been horribly killed. The newly appointed head of the murder commission, Wolfgang Stöhrl, recognizes immediately that he has been the victim of unbridled frenzy. At first he suspects a relationship crime, but when another murder occurs, the investigation becomes complicated.

Both dead used dating platforms to look for non-binding pleasure with a special kick. Nevertheless, Stöhrl still believes in his original trail. As he gets more and more lost, his retired predecessor investigates on his own. Because Nathan Weiß still has a score to settle anyway: he couldn't solve his last case. A world full of hatred and desire soon reveals itself to him, which puts him on the trail of a serial killer. But where does her blind rage come from? And how can it be stopped?

"Feel my anger" looks deep into the abysses of a tormented soul - dark, disturbing and gripping to the last page!

Author: George Brun

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