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Bérèche et Fils

One of the hottest rising stars of recent years, especially for his extremely distinctive, minimal intervention champagnes. Bérèche is one of a growing number of winemakers to abandon the status of R.M. He can do this thanks to a rising demand for his champagnes, which he covers by buying in grapes. To boost production of his Brut Réserve by 15-20%, he now buys from three 'trusted growers' in Ludes, Maily and Rilly-la-Montagne. Furthermore he's launched a new brand under the name "Raphaël et Vincent Bérêche," buying grapes from various wine-producing districts within Champagne.

Facts: N.M., Ludes, Montagne de Reims, 9 ha., 85,000 bottles/year

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